Lulu is delighting in a the nice fall weather condition.

  • Submitted by Michael Renzi

Lonny Boller’s puppy is ready for his treats.Submitted by Lonny

  • Boller Ken & Kathy Berckes went to the Avila barn

with & their pet dog Bosley. There were “numerous pumpkins to choose from!”Submitted by Ken Berckes Lambeau on Halloween is not terrified.

  • Sent by Gregg Byrd These pups

are prepared to go technique or dealing with.

  • Sent by Lonny Boller Our cat, Tiny Turtle, is not a fan of phony news …

    LA Times advertisement about Rats. Submitted by Penelope Fulton This canine

  • is living like a princess in the backyard.Submitted by Jack Comer Leroy poses

for a picture. Submitted by Michael Renzi Lulu, the white pet, and Leroy, the black pet

  • , are service dogs.Submitted by Michael Renzi Two

pet dogs having a good time together playing with a ball at the beach on the 17-mile drive in Monterrey, California.Submitted by Jack Comer Terrier Bridget is

at her very first Tehachapi Apple

  • Festival on Sunday Oct. 8. of 11