Getty In Asia, it is regular cultural practice to consume dog meat, but Taiwan is entirely prohibiting the’intake, purchase, or belongings of canine and cat meat ‘. The brand-new law comes after issues for animal well-being are mounting due to a series of graphic animal abuse cases caused public outrage.Committing among these offenses might lead to a maximum fine of 250,000 new Taiwan dollars (₤ 6,546).

Taiwan Has Officially Banned Eating Cats And Dogs GettyImages 477996870 Getty Legislator Wang Yu-min said that the move in Taiwan is the first of its kind in Asia and ‘reveals that Taiwan is a society with innovative animal well-being ‘. Other countries in Asia like Hong Kong and China have banned the killing of felines and dogs for sale as meat, however not reached to disallow the usage of

them.In Taiwan, anyone caught killing or abusing animals will deal with a maximum of 2 years in prison and a fine of 2 million Taiwan dollars (₤ 52012), while repeat wrongdoers will be fined more than double.The bill likewise bans the ‘strolling ‘of animals by connecting their leash to an automobile and forcing them to run.

Taiwan Has Officially Banned Eating Cats And Dogs GettyImages 478052320 Getty Animal rights demonstration have actually taken location in Taiwan especially after a male hippo, well-known for carrying out at a zoo, passed away after breaking a leg and sustaining injuries through transportation.Taiwan now has a few of the

most robust animal protection laws from throughout Asia.