Ten-week-old Macey, an American staffy-bulldog cross and four-year-old Reba, a cattle dog-Jack Russell terrier cross fell victim to what vets believe was a brown snake bite near Sarina.

Ten-week-old Macey, an American staffy-bulldog cross and four-year-old Reba, a livestock dog-Jack Russell terrier cross succumbed to exactly what veterinarians believe was a brown snake bite near Sarina. A SARINA family’s two pet canines drop dead over night and brown snakes are being blamed. Ten-week-old Macey and four-year-old Reba fell victim to exactly what veterinarians believe were brown snake bites. “They were both my kids ‘pets so they came home from school and both the dogs were gone … it was a bit sad for them, “Samantha Disher said. Ms Disher said she woke to find Reba lying dead on the turf between her 2 cars, covered in her faeces, and

it appeared she had actually been vomiting on the Grasstree Roadway property. Macey was underneath among the cars and trucks, throwing up, and had diarrhoea. When Ms Disher pulled her out she was “actually shaky and wouldn’t walk straight”.

She hurried her to the vet however Macey didn’t make it.

Ms Disher stated her daddy also lost a cow on his Sarina farm, which he believed was the outcome of a brown snake bite. Her sibling found a snake in his home on Sarina Beach Roadway.

“When he got house there was a massive one in his home and I thought, oh my gosh, I have to warn people, specifically kids playing in the backyard,” she said.

“A lot of them (the snakes) are hatching as well. Due to the fact that we have not had much rain the nests have not been gotten rid of. The floods generally damage the nests.”

Ms Disher stated her bro had actually posted online about his snake encounter and discovered numerous other locals were dealing with the same problem, saying snakes were on the rise.

Northern Beaches veterinarian Paul McGeown stated it was the time of year for brown snakes to be out and about.

Mr McGeown stated in the previous 3 months Northern Beaches Veterinary Hospital had actually dealt with about 30 pets for snake bites, the bulk from brown snakes.

He stated while the hotspots appeared to be Sarina and Habana, there had been bites in unanticipated areas such as Andergrove and Blacks Beach.

Brown snakes are more likely in cane paddocks, locations with a lot of rodents or around chickens.

“The very best things for keeping snakes away is keeping yards neat and yards and weeds under control,” Mr McGeown stated.

Snake bite symptoms include family pets losing the capability to stroll, then having a hard time to breath, then having a hemorrhage. Mr McGeown said the quicker animals were treated, the better the prognosis, depending on the quantity of venom injected.