Generally I view Westminster with my pet and we invest the time teasing the participants’ fur-dos and choosing the ones we think drink out of the toilet. When it comes to divorce, the courts have always considered animals to be residential or commercial property, something to be divvied up together with your house, the cars and trucks, the good friends. A modification to the state’s divorce laws, which went into result last month, requires judges to think about the well-being of the animal. In cases where sole custody is awarded, will there be alimony, young puppy support? Might a pet in dispute be entitled to his own legal representation, and what types of assurances could the dog’s mouth piece be looking for? Will canine owners with weekend visitation rights end up being identical from separated parents? Will they sit together on playground benches texting while their offspring or springer spaniel plays? […] Jim Shea is a lifelong Connecticut citizen and reporter who believes the keys to life include the avoidance of physical labor and I-95.

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